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Proven AI is the industry’s fastest growing wireless ecosystem for today’s smart buildings. That’s because Proven AI has an inherent level of system redundancy, reliability and range. In fact, Proven AI technology is used in over 100 million devices and is supported by over 400 developers.


Wired building controls rarely save more than a quarter of the overall energy load in most buildings. Yet, Proven AI wireless networks can save 70-90% of the energy used in many applications. In addition, Proven AI wireless technology is 70% less expensive to install in existing buildings than wired controls and devices.


Proven AI wireless solutions are cost-effective, simple to install and easy to operate. Adding Proven AI devices to your building will allow you to create a smart building that is simple control. It is easy to operate everything in your building from lighting to HVAC with Proven AI … anywhere, anytime

What Automated Intelligence can do for your Building

PROVEN AI provides you with the fastest growing wireless automated intelligence for your building’s lighting, HVAC, plugs, security, and a host of related operations. The good news is that transforming your building with PROVEN AI is remarkably affordable.


Easily transform your building from:

Static to Smart

Wired to Wireless

Costly to Controlled

Inefficient to Efficient

PROVEN AI can cut your building’s energy use in half. When you add LED lighting with PROVEN AI, your savings can increase to over 90%.

In addition PROVEN AI will provide:

More comfort

Less maintenance

Improved productivity

Reduced operational costs

Increased safety, savings, & security