Athletic Facilities


The combination of changing events, high bay ceilings, and expansive open spaces of gyms and athletic facilities make lighting difficult to manage. Our smart lights, with granular dimming, occupant and photosensors provide you with the opportunity to easily create and even automate different lighting strategies to match the needs of teams or groups using your facility.


Athletic facilities, with metal halide lighting, provide the opportunity to save 85-90% of the typical energy used with programmable LED lighting and building controls. Wireless Proven AI LEDs and devices allow you to create a robust multi-application platform where you can easily control lighting, thermostats, door locks, bleachers, building dividers, HVAC, plug-loads, and equipment simultaneously.

Facility managers are easily able to:

  • Automate control of all lighting areas – courts, tracks, pools, bleachers, stages, aisles, and doorways
  • Create global and exception schedules remotely for holidays, special events, and unique venues.
  • Manage dynamic team, music and speaking events with the appropriate lighting and equipment deployment on demand
  • Configure building access for employees, teams, and audiences with remote security lockout if necessary
  • Easily change control settings for a specific facility or area

In addition to reducing overall energy costs, Proven AI wireless devices provide the capacity to easily automate and manage multiple buildings over your computer, pad, or smartphone. Our wireless intelligent devices turn a building into a smart and energy-efficient showpiece.

We provide the industry’s fastest growing wireless ecosystem with an exceptional array of product choice and a lower deployment cost than both conventional wired and lease-based wireless solutions. Proven AI technology has been deployed in over 100 million devices using global standards and is supported by over 400 developers. Call us at 800.869.8393 now to create your smart building or contact us below and we will get back to you.

The great news is that a Proven AI system can make your business more competitive by improving overall productivity and efficiency. The upshot is that you can increase the safety, convenience and comfort of your customers as you exceed Title 24 requirements.

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