Our Proven AI wireless lighting controls are transforming offices, universities, commercial buildings, and schools resulting in 60-70% reductions in lighting costs. The ease of wireless lighting management is simplified with our automated intelligent controls, delivering enhanced occupant productivity, visibility, efficiency, and comfort.


In addition to automated control, occupants can achieve the precise lumens with granular dimming capacity and automated daylight dimming that senses ideal light levels. Occupants can also adjust lighting in an area with our wireless switches to meet individual needs.


Building owners and operators have discovered the benefits of Proven AI® control of their lighting and energy management. The have also enjoyed the simple ease of managing entire buildings with intelligent and automated finger-tip control. In addition, our clients have avoided the expense and complexity of extensive control wiring throughout their ceilings and walls.


The Proven AI intelligent system also provides you with the capacity to redesign a work or learning areas due to the flexibility of both zonal and specific fixture control. As a result, you can scale from controlling a single fixture, to an area, to an entire floor—or even a set of buildings from home.

An office manager or teacher can easily:

  • Implement lighting schedules that turn on, off, or dims lights in groups or as a whole
  • Use automated photo and occupancy sensors to detect natural light and occupancy
  • Adjust lights for tasks in specific areas and for individual preferences
  • Over-ride lighting controls with wireless wall switches

In addition to reducing overall energy costs, Proven AI wireless devices provide the capacity to easily automate and manage multiple buildings over your computer, pad, or smartphone. Our wireless intelligent devices turn a building into a smart and energy-efficient showpiece.

We provide the industry’s fastest growing wireless ecosystem with an exceptional array of product choice and a lower deployment cost than both conventional wired and lease-based wireless solutions. Proven AI technology has been deployed in over 100 million devices using global standards and is supported by over 400 developers. Call us at 800.869.8393 now to create your smart building or contact us below and we will get back to you.

The great news is that a Proven AI system can make your business more competitive by improving overall productivity and efficiency. The upshot is that you can increase the safety, convenience and comfort of your customers as you exceed Title 24 requirements.

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